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Bar Benno is Chef Jonathan Benno’s very first Parisian-style bistro, with a menu refined by his years of French culinary experience and a focus on evoking the warmth of classic French fare. Bar Benno is the chef’s homage to the bis­tronomy movement in Paris, allow him to elevate traditional dishes, combining the skill and execution that garnered him his Michelin star with a focus on quality, seasonality, and accessibility that diners can enjoy multiple times a week.

“When we began planning Bar Benno I really wanted to focus on my foundation in French food and technique, the kinds of dishes I remem­ber from travelling and cooking in France.”

Bar Benno is located in the Evelyn hotel redesigned by Award-winning firm Parts and Labor Design. Largely inspired by the landmarked building’s existing Art Deco architecture, the design features a mix of materials including dark woods, green and white marble, brass, and richly-toned stained glass, which are reflected in geometric lines and patterns throughout the spaces. Bar Benno features an expansive horseshoe-shaped bar with ceiling height back bar shelving, a din­ing room featuring wooden tables with marble accents, and a large display kitchen with fire engine red Rôtisserie providing diners a glimpse into the culinary craft.