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Our Story

“We wanted to build a one-of-a-kind restaurant in this beautifully restored historic space. The design, cuisine, and service all aim to create a sense of elegance and refinement, but also fun and celebration.” -Antonio Begonja, Director of Operations

Chef Jonathan Benno’s career spans more than three decades working in and running some of the world’s most celebrated kitchens, including Per Se and Lincoln Ristorante. After discovering the land marked hotel The Evelyn, which dates back to 1905, he saw a unique opportunity to build his first eponymous fine-dining restaurant in the storied space. The cuisine reflects the breadth of Chef Benno's culinary experience, showcasing classic French technique and contemporary Italian cooking, as well as broadening horizons to explore the coastal Mediterranean.


We wanted to challenge ourselves to go beyond Italy and France, pushing our own boundaries as we explore the diverse flavors, ingredients, and spirits of the Mediterranean region.” - Jonathan Benno

The cuisine at BENNO focuses on the area where Northern Italy and Southern France meet at Liguria and Provence, while highlighting additional regions along the Mediterranean coast. The beverage program explores the unique wines & spirits from these provinces, with options for both cocktail and wine pairings that complement the arc of the food menu.



Drop by the bar at Benno for a plate of pasta and glass of wine, or the 7 courses chef tasting menu. Walk-ins are welcomed.


The Space

Located in the landmarked hotel, The Evelyn, the historic space—which dates back to 1905—was meticulously restored by the award-winning Parts and Labor Design. Featuring a rich color palette of deep reds, blues, and greens; custom furniture with brass and marble accents; and a 14’ domed skylight above the main dining room, the Art Deco-inspired space blends the grandeur of “old New-York” with a modern aesthetic reflective of the new take on fine dining the team is looking to achieve.